• Gift vouchers
    and gift cards
    for shopping centres

    LoyalHub - a reliable gift voucher and card program administrator

    since 2007
    Store administration, management of payments for sold and accepted gift vouchers
    Gift voucher sales to
    B2C and B2B customers
    More than 30 distribution points: www, Gera Dovana coupon distribution stores

    How does it work?

    • Gift vouchers are the internal currency of a shopping centre
    • Gift vouchers can be purchased both online and in various physical locations
    • It is a great way to provide gift recipients with the freedom to choose the gifts that they prefer
    • Customers can choose their preferred gift value
    • A gift voucher can only be used in that shopping centre (white label)

    Convenient and easy installation

    A technical solution was implemented so that integration with cash registers would not be necessary, and acceptance of vouchers could be carried out in several different ways.
    Via internet using
    the web environment
    Via telephone
    Via telephone
    using a mobile application
    Via bank
    sold gift vouchers
    stores that accept gift vouchers

    Choose the best solution

    gift vouchers
    Paper pad + sticker with gift voucher information
    Multi-use gift cards
    Plastic card
    VISA or MasterCard gift card solution
    Plastic card (with or without VISA or MasterCard logo)

    Feel the pulse

    Real-time information on sold and accepted gift vouchers, as well as financial and managerial reports formed on a monthly basis.

    Your product's unique design

    A gift voucher should contribute to the recognisability of a shopping centre or store, therefore there cannot be two identical gift vouchers. You can take care of the design yourself or we can do it for you.


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