• Receive a gift card - explore your city!

    We follow this slogan when creating a city gift card strategy, therefore we aim to include the most popular restaurants, cafes, theatres, cinemas, museums, hotels, bookstores and transport service providers (city transport, taxi services) of that city in our program.

    What is
    a City Gift Card?

    • It is a city currency or money in an attractive form and in a nice package
    • A gift card is a wonderful gift for birthdays, Christmas or family celebrations
    • A gift card is a great motivational gift for employees or a thank you gift for partners
    • A card encourages you to discover local businesses, e.g., #CityRecommends
    • A card locks money inside the city
    • A card can function as a tourist guide by suggesting places of interests, certain discounts or special offers

    How does it work?

    • Choose your gift card value from 10 € to 150 € and pay for it
    • The card can be used immediately after payment, no additional actions are necessary
    • Give a gift card to your friends, family, colleagues or partners
    • They will be able to use the gift card in their selected location anywhere in the city

    Full product administration

    We began implementing our city gift card solutions in 2018, while our gift voucher and gift card solutions were implemented since 2007 ensuring full and smooth operation of the program. We can take care of everything, so that the city would only have to focus on program communication.

    Card administration control

    Bookshops, post offices, cafes

    www.geradovana.lt www.lieliskadavana.lv www.superprezenty.pl

    Partner 1

    Partner 2

    Partner 3

    Convenient and easy installation

    A technical solution was implemented so that integration with cash registers would not be necessary, and acceptance of city gift cards could be carried out in several different ways.

    Via internet using
    the web environment

    Via telephone

    Via telephone using
    a mobile application

    Via bank

    Detailed reports

    Detailed real-time statistics for persons coordinating the program and partners participating in the program.


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