• Loyalty
    program for medium and large sized businesses

    Loyalty program adapted for your needs

    We can both create and implement a new loyalty program, and take over the administration and development of an existing loyalty program, as well as help choose the most suitable or the most effective loyalty program module.

    Long-term / short-term discounts
    Credit card functionality

    Increasing customer activity

    We understand that a loyal customer must receive personal attention, therefore we coordinate our offers with stores, and never forget to send greetings to our customers on their special occasions, as well as surprise them with small thank you gifts for their activity. When analysing the collected data, in addition to helping attract new customers, we also help keep existing customers interested and encourage them to increase their shopping cart.

    Shopping data collection and analysis
    Coordination of offers
    with stores
    Direct marketing with customers via SMS
    messages and newsletters
    Sending greetings to customers on their special occasions (birthdays, name-days...)
    Thank you gifts
    for customer activity

    How does it work?

    • A good loyalty program must satisfy the needs of all 3 parties – customers, partners participating in the loyalty program, and the owner of the loyalty program
    • Getting to know the customer and analysing his consumption habits enables to find well-though-out solutions
    • The accumulated high quality customer database creates an additional high quality communication channel
    • Attractive offers and obvious benefits promote an increase in shopping frequency and growth of an average shopping cart

    Tools for stores

    Our offered solutions enable each store to choose the best measure for keeping the attention of loyal customers:

    • Integration in the cash register
    • Fixation in an internet portal
    • Mobile application for smart phones

    Tools for customers

    We understand that all customers are different, therefore we provide them with the possibility to choose a preferred identification method.

    Loyalty card
    by telephone number
    Virtual card in APP
    Those who want
    a plastic card
    Those who do not want
    a plastic card

    Personalized cards

    We can take care of the card production process – from the production of a card blank and its personalization to the full preparation of a card to be used in shopping locations.
    Individual design
    Unique card number
    Unique barcode
    Unique QR code
    Data entry on a magnetic stipe

    Detailed reports

    Both the owner of the loyalty program and partners participating in the loyalty program are provided with detailed monthly loyalty program reports which can be used for making further program development decisions.


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